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Igualita a mí

Igualita a mí

Directed by: Diego Kaplan

Cast: Adrián Suar, Florencia Bertotti, Claudia Fontán, Gabriel Chame Buendía

Genre: Comedy

Script: Adrián Suar, Juan Vera, Daniel Cúparo, Mariano Vera

Music: Iván Wyszogrod

Origin: Argentina

Length: 108 min.

Rating: Not rated yet

Fredy (Adrián Suar) is 41 years old. He's single, has no children and loves the nightlife. He is the typical womanizer who doesn't have a steady job and is an expert at seducing twenty-something women.
One night, Fredy meets Aylín (Florencia Bertotti) and thinks she's another one-night stand, but is suprised to learn that she is his daughter and that he is about to become a grandfather.
The news will change his life in ways he never expected

Mixing Studio: Tauro Digital Sound


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Year: 2010