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Bombón, el perro

Bombón, el perro

Directed by: Carlos Sorin

Cast: Juan Villegas, Walter Donado, Gregorio, Rosa Valsecchi, Mariela Díaz, Sabino Morales

Genre: Drama

Script: Carlos Sorin, Santiago Calori, Salvador Roselli

Music: Nicolás Sorin

Origin: Argentina, Spain

Length: 97 min.

Rating: UR

Juan Villegas (56 years old) has worked at a gas station on a deserted Patagonian road for the past twenty years. The station has been sold and the new owners want to remodel it. Juan and the other employees are fired. While looking for another job he tries to make a living by resorting to an old hobby: making knife handles. But things do not go very well. He can't get a job and his knives do not sell. He experiences the drama of unemployment in its most tragic aspect: a man his age with no specific trade. Gradually he understands that he has been discarded from the world. By chance he goes to a ranch for a small car repair job. The owner, an elderly woman, needs to sell her late-husband's car because she is also having economic problems. When Juan finishes the job, she offers to pay him with a dog. But it is not just any dog, it´s a great Dogo her husband had bought to start a kennel. Juan tries to refuse by explaining that he is out of work and that such a large dog probably eats more than he does. However, the widow insists on it being a valuable dog which can be good company for somebody who is alone as Juan is. She ends up convincing him. From there on, Juan's luck starts changing. Many compliment him on the striking dog and Juan experiences a certain satisfaction because he interprets that, as the new owner of the dog, some part of those compliments are directed toward him. Thanks to the animal he is temporarily hired as security guard at a wool warehouse. Even the bank manager -a man fan fanatic about Dogos- shows him to his office when Juan goes to collect his meagre severance payment... Soon thereafter he notices that the dog is his future and contacts Walter, who in his spare time trains dogs for dog exhibits. Walter thinks that the dog will win many awards, for what he suggests making a deal: split in half the future earnings from the services the dog can provide as breeder. A long coaching period begins: not only for the dog but for Juan as well, since - as Walter puts it- he will turn the unemployed Juan into an exhibition dog owner. They do very well at the first fair and the dog wins the third prize. They celebrate in a Lebanese restaurant, where Juan meets an Arab singer he likes. With the dog and the singer Juan is in heaven. But soon he will realize that instincts can play tricks on us.

Mixing Studio: Tauro Digital Sound



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Year: 2004